Tom Davies

I'm Tom Davies, a Nottingham based developer and web technology consultant. I'm currently Technical Director at Kind, a digital consultancy that specialises in creating meticulously built online experiences & high performance web applications.

My ugly mug

I’m a 33 year old husband and father of one two, who started developing for the web in 2003. A geek at heart, I get all sweaty and excited about stuff like web standards, thoughtful design, the semantic web, HTML5, typography, front end optimisation, and other such good, nerdy stuff.

I also hold a first class degree in Experimental Psychology, having specialised in human factors & visual psychology, bits of which I occasionally maintain are relevant to the work I do now. However all the book learning and/or technical chops in the intertubes don't mean a whole lot if you can't hit deadlines, stay on budget or string a sentence together. Luckily I can do that stuff too.

I am…
Design Agency Friendly® - adapting quickly to your workflows, standards and systems
An effective communicator
Able to work well to deadlines
I have…
Extensive experience in working as part of both on-site and remote teams
A strong eye for detail & design
Experience across a wide range of related diciplines